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“Creating new songs and performing them is more like an addiction we have then anything else.” – The Great SOCIO

Influenced by bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and John Frusciante, The Great SOCIO have been capturing the musical hearts of Philadelphia since 2010 with their unique brand of ‘synth-led groove rock’. Consisting of Alberto (Berto) Muñoz, whose vocals have been compared to Mike Patton and Jim Morrison, Matt (Monty) Montgomery on keys and synthesiser, who has been called a ‘sound creator like Tom Morello’, Drew Bernier on drums, taking after Chad Smith and Dominic Howard, and Craig Stenger, the band’s lyricist, known for his empowering and guitar amp-doubled bass playing, The Great SOCIO formed through ‘a combination of overpriced education, craigslist ads, door-to-door canvasing and general frustration with soul-sucking girlfriends’, says Montgomery.

One move, two years and three drummers later, The Great SOCIO has evolved from these humble beginnings, and now has a jam-packed touring schedule in Philly, often “simply crashing with friends and family after the show” instead of driving home, or waking up after an hour’s sleep from a late gig, in order to go to work in the morning. When asked when they fit in down time with this hectic schedule, they responded:

“I’m not exactly sure what you mean. What is this “down time” you speak of? I suppose we all get some time off each night when we sleep, or when we shower. But even that isn’t guaranteed down time. We’re always working. This job is 32 hours a day, 9 days a week.”

But really, they wouldn’t have it any other way. They want what every band like them wants: to live the dream – and they’re working like crazy, packing local clubs to the very brim, and ever expanding their fan base in order to get there.

Not ones to do anything half-heartedly, The Great SOCIO are not only coping with their extensive touring schedule, but are also in the process of organizing the SOCIO House Party for the end of August. This is an event that ‘literally takes over an entire neighborhood of Philadelphia’. With five bands, and close to 200 people, the SOCIO dance floor is the place to be, and the place to party until well after sunrise.

So many plans, and such a great future seems to be in store for The Great SOCIO. The plan to get there?

“Well we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing. We won’t just play a show, we’ll create a big event. We won’t just throw a party, we’ll have four professional touring bands throw down in our living room. And we will keep striving to connect with every single person that loves what we do. The Great SOCIO isn’t about the four of us. It’s about everyone who becomes a part of it.”

The band will be performing at the first annual Liberty Music Festival at Dobbs on South St. Check out our article on the fest in the August features section. And be sure to see The Great SOCIO at one of their August concerts:

8.03 ~ Seaside Heights, NJ ~ EJ’s Tavern
8.04 ~ Atlantic City, NJ ~ The Boneyard
8.10 ~ Seaside Heights, NJ ~ EJ’s Tavern
8.11 ~ Bethlehem, PA ~ The Funhouse
8.16 ~ Philadelphia, PA ~ The legendary Dobbs Liberty Music Festival
8.17 ~ Media, PA ~ Media Theater
8.24 ~ Seaside Heights ~ EJ’s Tavern
8.31 ~ Philadelphia, PA ~ SOCIO House Party

-Annika Nadine

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